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Glitter Butterfly Memorial Decal for Glass Metal

Glitter Butterfly Memorial Decal for Glass Metal

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### Butterfly Memorial Vinyl Decal for Glass & Metal

Yo, if you're looking to add some serious vibes to your ride, laptop, or any glass or metal surface, this Butterfly Memorial Vinyl Decal is it. This ain't your regular old sticker—it's got a glossy finish that'll legit shine and a dope glitter embellishment that makes it pop. Plus, with its slick irregular shape, it stands out from the basic AF decals everyone's got. This vinyl decal ain't just for show either; it's self-adhesive for super easy application and peels off clean when you're done. Throw it on your car, water bottle, truck, phone, window, wall, or cup, and let those butterfly feels take over. 

Whether you’re trying to flex on your friends with some unique style or keep a small memorial close to you, this Butterfly Memorial Vinyl Decal’s got your back. It’s designed for single-use, so it’s perfect for those moments that matter. This sticker's about making statements, not commitments—just peel, stick, and stunt. It’s totes perf for anyone who loves to accessorize their life with a mix of beauty, emotion, and a bit of sparkle.

#### 🌟 [Self-Adhesive Magic] 
No need for sticky messes or extra glue. This vinyl decal’s got self-adhesive magic that sticks on smooth and clean, whether it’s your car's rear, laptop, or even your fav glass window.

#### ✨ [Dank Glitter Vibes]
Turn heads and steal the show with the glitter embellishment. The smooth, shiny finish keeps the vibes high, making this decal a total showstopper wherever you slap it on.

#### 💫 [One-Time Wonder] 
This decal is all about those special moments with single-use reusability. Once you're done rocking it, just peel it off—no leftover junk or residue.

#### 🔥 [Irregular Shape = Unique AF]
Skip the boring squares and circles. With its irregular shape, this butterfly decal adds a touch of unexpected flair that screams individuality. 

#### 🦋 [Universal Fit]
Whether it’s for your car, truck, phone, window, wall, or any other smooth surface, this sticker’s got the range. It's a fit for all your vibes, ensuring you never miss a chance to flaunt.

| **Surface Finishing Type** | Glossy          |
| **Part Location**          | Rear            |
| **Mounting Type**          | Self-adhesive   |
| **Material**               | Vinyl           |
| **Embellishment Feature**  | Glitter         |
| **Surface Recommendation** | Glass           |
| **Reusability**            | Single Use      |
| **Shape**                  | Irregular       |
| **Item ID**                | VP109204        |

### Why Buy This?

Prepare to level up your personal aesthetic with this Butterfly Memorial Vinyl Decal. It's not just a sticker—it's a statement. Whether you're adding a dash of glitter to your car window or some glossy shine to your laptop lid, this decal's here to elevate your game. It's super easy to use, sticks on anything glass or metal, and looks fab while doing it. With its unique shape and zesty vibes, it's perfect for anyone who wants to add a little ✨extra✨ to their life. Don't sleep on this must-have accessory—get yours today and stunt in style.
Surface Finishing Type:Glossy
Part Location:Rear
Mounting Type:Self-adhesive
Embellishment Feature:Glitter
Surface Recommendation:Glass
Reusability:Single Use
Item ID:VP109204
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