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Neoprene Water Bottle Sleeve for 40oz Tumblers

Neoprene Water Bottle Sleeve for 40oz Tumblers

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Neoprene Water Bottle Sleeve for Stanley 40oz - Integrated Phone Pouch, Adjustable Strap for Outdoor Use

Product Description:

Hey there, hydration enthusiasts! Are you tired of struggling to carry your massive Stanley 40oz water bottle around when you're out and about? Say hello to your new BFF – the Neoprene Water Bottle Sleeve. This sleeve isn't just functional; it's a whole mood. 🧃💦 Crafted from synthetic rubber that's as tough as your fave hypebeast kicks, this sleeve ensures that your hydration game stays on point, whether you're at the gym, hitting the trails, or just vibing at a picnic.

But wait, there's more! This sleeve comes with an integrated phone pouch – perfect for keeping your phone secure while you make TikToks, scroll through Insta, or hit the play button on your fire playlist. Plus, it features an adjustable strap that's perfect for customizing the fit to your personal style. This isn't just a water bottle sleeve; it's a lifestyle accessory that's gonna level up your hydration game and make all your friends jelly.

Features & Benefits:

[📱 Integrated Phone Pouch:] No more juggling your phone and bottle! Slide your phone into the integrated pouch and keep your hands free for more important things, like snapping that perfect selfie or finally beating your high score.

[🎒 Adjustable Strap:] Hate when things don't fit just right? The adjustable strap lets you customize the fit, whether you like to rock it cross-body, around your waist, or over your shoulder like a true trendsetter.

[💪 Durable Material:] Made from synthetic rubber, this sleeve can take a beating. Spill your drink? No biggie. Drop it? No sweat. It's as tough as you are and still looks fresh.

[🌈 Various Colors:] Whether you're all about that minimalistic monochrome life or love to stand out with vibrant neons, there's a sleeve to match your vibe. Because why should your accessories be basic when you're not?

[🌍 Eco-Conscious Design:] Caring for the planet never looked so good. This sleeve uses eco-friendly materials that won't leave you feeling guilty. Sip sustainably and slay the game one sip at a time.


Specification Details
Material: Synthetic Rubber
Item ID: EM60560

Why Buy This?

Okay, straight up, you need this Neoprene Water Bottle Sleeve in your life. Not only does it make carrying your Stanley 40oz a whole lot easier, but it's also the ultimate multitasker – holding your phone, keys, and anything else you need hands-free. With its adjustable strap, you can rock it however suits your fit for the day. Plus, it's durable af and looks super sleek. Hydration has never been this stylish, or this easy. Don't let FOMO get you – snag yours now and up your hydration game to legendary status. 💦🚀

Material:Synthetic Rubber
Item ID:EM60560
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