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Pickle & Letter Print Pullover Sweatshirt, Casual Long Sleeve Crew Neck Sweatshirt For Fall & Winter, Women's Clothing

Pickle & Letter Print Pullover Sweatshirt, Casual Long Sleeve Crew Neck Sweatshirt For Fall & Winter, Women's Clothing

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Product Description:

Stay on fleek with this [Pickle & Letter Print Pullover Sweatshirt]! Designed for trendy vibes that are perf for the upcoming seasons, this [Casual Long Sleeve Crew Neck Sweatshirt] is fire. Made with high-quality, cozy Composition:95% Polyester Material that keeps you comfy and warm, this [Women's Clothing] is a must-have in your wardrobe rotation. The stylish Patterned:Alphabets print and [Contrast Collar] make this sweatshirt a slayin' choice for any casual occasion. Rock this sweatshirt during cooler temps for a look that's lit!

Level up your outfit game with these [5 Feature and Benefit Bullet Points]:

  • 🌟 [Trendy Design]: Stand out in the crowd with the unique pickle and letter print on this sweatshirt.

  • 💁 [Cozy and Warm]: Made with 95% polyester material, this sweatshirt keeps you cozy and warm during the fall and winter seasons.

  • 🔥 [Stylish Details]: The contrast collar and long sleeves add a touch of style to your casual wear ensemble.

  • ✨ [Comfortable Fit]: The regular length and micro elasticity of this sweatshirt ensure a comfy fit that slays all day long.

  • 💖 [Easy Care]: Machine washable for easy care and maintenance, no dry cleaning required for this low-maintenance wardrobe staple.

Length Regular
Sleeve Length Long Sleeve
Details Contrast Collar
Patterned Alphabets
Sheer No
Waterproof No
Seasons Fall/Winter
Care Instructions Machine washable
Scene Casual
Style Casual
Fabric Elasticity Micro Elasticity
Printing Type Random Printing
Weaving Method Knit Fabric
Collar Style Crew Neck
Item ID PP36161

Why Buy This?

This [Pickle & Letter Print Pullover Sweatshirt] is a total vibe! Stay cozy and stylish in this trendy sweatshirt that's perf for the fall and winter seasons. With its unique design and comfy fit, you'll be slayin' all day long. Elevate your casual outfit game with this standout sweatshirt - you won't regret adding this must-have piece to your wardrobe rotation!

Composition:95% Polyester
Sleeve Length:Long Sleeve
Details:Contrast Collar
Care Instructions:machine washable, no dry clean
Fabric Elasticity:Micro Elasticity
Printing Type:Random Printing
Weaving Method:Knit Fabric
Collar Style:Crew Neck
Item ID:PP36161
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