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40Oz Tumbler Insulated Sleeve

40Oz Tumbler Insulated Sleeve

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Product Description:

Yo fam, if you're looking for a game-changer for your hydration sitch, we got you covered! Our 40Oz Tumbler Insulated Sleeve is not just a cover; it's a vibe. This water bottle cover rocks a sleek and functional design, making it a must-have accessory for your day-to-day grind or weekend adventures. Wanna keep your tool brand cup ice-cold or piping hot for hours? Say less. This protective sleeve has your back, literally! 🥤

Slide your tumbler into this bad boy, and you're good to go. It’s insanely user-friendly with a grippy handle, so you won’t be fumbling around. Whether you’re hitting up the gym, chilling at the park, or running errands, it keeps your drink at the perfect temp, while lookin' fly. This sleeve is your ultimate sidekick, ensuring your tumbler stays safe and swaggy. Time to elevate your hydration game, fam! 🌊💦

Features and Benefits:

[🔥 Keeps It Real Cold/Hot]

  • This sleeve ensures your drink stays frosty or steamy, for hours. No more lukewarm vibes! The insulation tech inside is next-level, locking in your preferred temp like a pro.

[🖤 Sleek AF Design]

  • Peep the minimalist aesthetic. It’s not just functional; it’s a statement. This sleeve adds a touch of class and sass to your tumbler, making you look effortlessly on point.

[👌 Grippy Handle for Days]

  • No more awkward drops! The ergonomic handle gives you that secure grip, perfect for on-the-go hydration. Just grab and sip, fam. It’s that easy.

[💦 Spill and Splash Proof]

  • We all spill sometimes. But with this cover, you’re safe. The protective layer keeps your drink tightly sealed, ensuring zero spillage even if you’re on the move.

[♻️ Eco-Friendly Vibes]

  • Rep that sustainable lifestyle with this eco-friendly sleeve. It’s reusable and cuts down on single-use plastics. Less waste, more taste, am I right?


Category Details
Item ID QA127740
Fits 40Oz Tool Brand Cups
Material Protective Insulated Fabric
Includes Handle
Shoulder Strap Not Included

Why Buy This?

Seriously, why not level up your hydration game? This insulated sleeve is the real deal—a combo of style and functionality. It's your new hydration BFF, keeping your drinks at the perfect temp, amping up your eco-friendly cred, and making your tumbler look like the MVP it is. Say adios to boring, lukewarm sips and embarrassing spills. With this sleeve, you're always one step ahead. Trust, you won’t regret it. 💯🛒

Item ID:QA127740
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