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500MG Anime Decal - Funny Matte Vinyl Sticker for Cars

500MG Anime Decal - Funny Matte Vinyl Sticker for Cars

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500MG Anime Decal - Funny Matte Vinyl Sticker for Cars, Laptops, & More | Easy-Apply, Diverse Surfaces

Product Description:

If you're vibin' on some anime swag that boosts your style game, peep the 500MG Anime Decal. This funny matte vinyl sticker is straight up 🔥 for repping your fandom loud and proud. Slap it on your car, laptop, or whatever surface needs an extra splash of personality. Don't even trip, the easy-apply, self-adhesive design makes it hassle-free to stick and stunt. Whether you're a die-hard otaku or just dig cool cartoon aesthetics, this sticker is the perfect add-on.

Crafted with high-key durable vinyl and boasting a matte finish, it makes your stickers got that premium feel. It's oblong in shape for that sleek, modern look and adheres effortlessly to glass and other smooth surfaces. It's single-use, so make sure you pick the prime spot for this banger of a decal. With anime-themed designs that'll turn heads, this sticker will have you popping off and staying fresh.

Features & Benefits:

[🌟 Unique Anime Vibes] - Elevate your aesthetic with these dope, cartoon-themed decals. Turn your car or laptop into an anime dreamland.

[💪 Super Durable] - Vinyl material ensures your sticker stays looking fresh AF. Matte finish guarantees zero glare, all flair.

[🔥 Easy Application] - No sweat, the self-adhesive makes it easy-peasy to apply. Just peel, stick, and stunt on everyone.

[✨ Multi-Surface Magic] - Stick it on glass, cars, laptops, or anything else smooth. Perfect for customizing your space with minimal effort.

[🔄 One-Time Use] - While it sticks like a champ, it's made for single use, so make that placement count for max impact.


Feature Description
Surface Finishing Type Matte
Part Location Rear
Mounting Type Self-adhesive
Material Vinyl
Surface Recommendation Glass
Reusability Single Use
Theme Anime
Pattern Cartoon
Shape Oblong
Item ID AK29861

Why Buy This?

Need an excuse to flex your anime love? This decal’s got you covered. Adding this supreme-quality sticker to your ride or tech is a power move, no cap. Perfect for anyone who lives for anime aesthetics and wants to make a statement, this matte vinyl decal brings durability and easy application together for the ultimate win. It's basically the cheat code for turning any plain surface into an epic anime tribute. Snatch yours and level up your style game instantly.

Surface Finishing Type:Matte
Part Location:Rear
Mounting Type:Self-adhesive
Surface Recommendation:Glass
Reusability:Single Use
Item ID:AK29861
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