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16oz Insulated Glass Tumbler Bamboo Lid Straw

16oz Insulated Glass Tumbler Bamboo Lid Straw

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1pc, 16oz Insulated Round Glass Cup with Bamboo Lid and Straw - Reusable, Multipurpose, Holiday Gift for Nana, Perfect for Birthday, Valentines Day, and More!

Product Description:

Yo, fam! Check out this vibey 16oz insulated round glass cup that's about to be your new fave hydrating sidekick. It's not just a glass, it's a lifestyle. With a sleek bamboo lid and a snazzy straw, this cup is the ultimate reusable cup for all your sippin' game. Whether you're hitting up a holiday bash, showing love to Nana with the perfect gift, or just flexing it on your Insta feed, this cup has got you covered. Handcrafted for all your multipurpose needs, this insulated champ will keep your drinks fresh and you looking hella cool.

Slide into any event with this dope glass cup that's not just about the looks. It's eco-friendly and crafted to keep your drinks either icy or warm, making it lit for any occasion. You can vibe with it at a picnic, treat your bestie on their birthday, or add some flair to your Valentine's Day. Lightweight yet sturdy, it's easy-peasy to carry around and adds that extra drip to your daily routine. This cup is not playing around—it's hand-wash only to keep it in top-tier condition.

Features & Benefits:

[🚀 Ultimate Insulation: ] Say goodbye to lukewarm lattes or melted iced teas. This insulated star keeps your beverages just the way you like 'em, no compromises. Perfect for both hot cocoa with Nana and iced coffee on the go.

[🌍 Eco-Friendly: ] Ditch the plastic and sip sustainably. This reusable glass cup supports your eco-warrior goals and looks fire while doing it. Save the planet, one sip at a time.

[👑 Multipurpose Magic: ] Whether you're hydrating post-workout, chillin' with a smoothie, or feeling fancy with some iced tea, this cup is as versatile as your TikTok feed. Drink up, buttercup!

[🌟 Aesthetic Goals: ] With a chic bamboo lid and slick glass design, this cup is the ultimate accessory for your aesthetic. Be the envy of your crew while staying hydrated and environmentally conscious.

[🎁 Perfect Gift: ] Stuck on gift ideas? This cup is a straight-up winner for birthdays, Valentines, or as a holiday gift for Nana. It's practical, stylish, and guaranteed to make anyone's day.


Attribute Details
Material: Glass
Reusability: Reusable
Shape: Round
Material Features: Insulated
Operation Instruction: Hand wash only
Recommended Uses For Product: Multipurpose
Item ID: YR89438

Why Buy This?

If you're looking to elevate your drink game and stay eco-conscious, this glass cup is the move. It's perfect for any occasion, from surprising Nana on her special day to flexing on your socials. With top-notch insulation and a vibe that'll match any aesthetic, it's the ultimate blend of form and function. Why settle for basic when you can sip in style? 💧🌿 This insulated wonder is a no-brainer addition to your daily essentials. Trust, your hydration routine never looked this good.

Material Features:Insulated
Operation Instruction:Hand wash only
Recommended Uses For Product:Multipurpose
Item ID:YR89438
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