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40oz Constellation Tumbler

40oz Constellation Tumbler

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40oz Constellation Tumbler - Double-Walled Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle with Leak-Proof Lid & Handle

Product Description:

Yo, hydration squad! Dive into the future of sippin' with the ultra-chic 40oz Constellation Tumbler. This ain't your grandma's water bottle; it's a whole vibe. Imagine a sleek, double-walled stainless steel body that keeps your drinks at the right temp all day while you're out living your best life. Whether you're cruising to class, hitting the gym, or just vibing at home, this tumbler's got your back. Say goodbye to mid-day lukewarm disasters and hello to fresh, chilled or steamy sips wherever you roll.

The Constellation Tumbler's got this super-sick animal print that's a total flex. Designed for adults who are all about that eco-friendly, reusable life, it also makes the dopest birthday gift or a sweet surprise for Christmas. It's break-resistant (i.e., party-proof) and comes with a leak-proof lid. Plus, it's BPA-free, so you know it's safe. Keep this dope bottle by your side and you'll always stay hydrated in style.

🔥 Features 🤑 Benefits:

[🛡️ Leak-proof Lid] - No more accidental spills all over your textbook or car seat. This lid is tight like your favorite skinny jeans.

[🌡️ Temp Control] - Cold drinks stay icy, and hot drinks stay toasty. Y'all ain't living unless your coffee's hot and your water's chilled.

[🙌 Multipurpose Use] - Whether you're thirst-trapping at the gym, chilling at home, or road-tripping, this tumbler is your go-to anytime, anywhere.

[♻️ Eco-Friendly Vibes] - A reusable, BPA-free life means you're doing mama Earth a solid. Good hydration while saving the planet? Iconic.

[💪 Break Resistant] - Durability game strong—this tumbler can survive the wildest parties and the harshest of commutes.


Feature Details
Material Stainless Steel
Reusability Reusable
Pattern Animal Print
Shape Round
Recommended Age Adult
Theme Birthday
Operation Instruction Machine Wash
Recommended Uses For Product Multipurpose
Accessory Lid
Material Type Free Bisphenol a free
Special Features Break resistant
Holidays Christmas
Power Supply Use Without Electricity
Item ID VA82491

Why Buy This?

Okay, squad, picture this: staying hydrated never looked so cool. The 40oz Constellation Tumbler isn't just a drink holder; it's a statement piece. It's for those who treat drinking water like an art form. With stellar temp control and a sturdy design, it's literally all you need to keep your drinks perf while you're living life to the max. Do it for the aesthetics. Do it for the environment. Most importantly, do it for yourself. Trust, once you get this bad boy, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. #StayHydrated #LiveYourBestLife

Material:Stainless Steel
Pattern:Animal Print
Recommended Age:Adult
Operation Instruction:Machine Wash
Recommended Uses For Product:Multipurpose
Material Type Free:Bisphenol a free
Special Features:Break resistant
Power Supply:Use Without Electricity
Item ID:VA82491
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