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Gen X 'We Do Not Care' Vinyl Decal - 7.87X3.54" Gothic Style Sticker

Gen X 'We Do Not Care' Vinyl Decal - 7.87X3.54" Gothic Style Sticker

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## Product Description:

Yo, listen up! If you're vibing with that gothic aesthetic and wanna let the world know you absolutely *do not care*, then this "We Do Not Care" vinyl decal is straight-up FIRE. With dimensions of 7.87 x 3.54 inches, it's just the right size to flex on your ride or rock on your laptop. Anyone who's anyone can see your message loud and clear. Crafted from dope vinyl material, this sticker boasts a durable matte finish that's as sleek as it is edgy.

Whether it's your car, skateboard, or MacBook, this sticker is quick and easy to apply, and a breeze to remove. We're talking self-adhesive tech that sticks tight but lets you peel it off whenever you're ready for a change. No more stressing about residue or mess. This ain't just a decal; it's a vibe, a lifestyle, and a statement for those who live by the mantra: IDGAF. 

## 🔥 Bullet Points:

[📏 Size Specs] Fits perfectly at 7.87 x 3.54 inches, ideal for cars, laptops, and any other surface that needs a dope upgrade. 

[🎨 Matte Finish] The matte finish gives it that super sleek, low-key flex while being durable AF – no scratches or fades, just pure vibes.

[🚗 Easy Apply/Remove] Self-adhesive feature ensures a straight-up hassle-free stick and removal. No residue, no drama – perfect for anyone who likes to switch it up.

[🖤 Gothic Vibes] This Gothic style is all about that dark, moody aesthetic. It's more than a sticker; it’s a whole mood for your gear.

[😀 Total Mood] Honestly, "We Do Not Care" says it all. This sticker is for the bold, the fearless, and the too-cool-to-care. Throw it on and live your best IDGAF life.

## Specification Table:

| Feature       | Description                |
| Mounting Type | Self-adhesive              |
| Material      | Vinyl                      |
| Item ID       | LK135308                   |
| Dimensions    | 7.87 x 3.54 inches         |

## Why Buy This?

Seriously, who *wouldn't* want this epic decal? It's all about repping that bold attitude and killer Gothic aesthetic. Perfect for your car, your laptop, or anywhere really – it's an absolute must-have. You want durable? Check. Easy to apply and remove? Double check. Most importantly, it screams IDGAF in the most stylish way possible. So if you’re ready to let the world know where you stand, this "We Do Not Care" vinyl decal is exactly what you need in your life.
Mounting Type:Self-adhesive
Item ID:LK135308
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