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Vibrant Distressed American Flag Totem Hood Sticker

Vibrant Distressed American Flag Totem Hood Sticker

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### Vibrant Distressed American Flag Totem Hood Sticker

Yo, car enthusiasts! Ready to take your ride from basic to rad in just seconds? Say hello to the Vibrant Distressed American Flag Totem Hood Sticker! This durable vinyl sticker isn't just a vibe — it's a whole statement. The pull flower design with a distressed American flag pattern gives off major iconic feels while keeping things fresh and unique. Perfect for making those mundane morning commutes a little more exciting and letting the world know you rep that patriot flair hard. Plus, this bad boy is weatherproof, so it won't ghost on you in harsh conditions. 

It's got a glossy finish that slays, and the self-adhesive feature makes it an absolute breeze to slap on. Whether you're into metal surfaces or just want to pimp out your front hood, this sticker is your new ride-or-die. Elevate your car game and get ready to turn heads left and right. Get stoked because your whip is about to be extra AF!

#### Features & Benefits:

[🚗 Epic Design] - The distressed American flag totem combined with that pull flower pattern? Instant classic, fam. It's like your car just leveled up in swag and aesthetics. 💯

[💪 Super Durable] - This ain't your average sticker. Made from high-quality vinyl, it's built tough to withstand all the elements. Resists fading, scratches, and keeps that glossy allure strong. Weather got nothing on this. 🌧️☀️

[✨ Easy Peasy] - With self-adhesive magic, application is a breeze. No need for extra tools or stress. Simply peel, stick, and flex. On and off the road, you're golden. 🚀

[🔥 One-Time Wonder] - Single-use but def worth it. Applies smoothly and securely to metal surfaces with no hassle. It's all about making that one first impression count, right? 🏅

[🎨 Geometric Vibes] - The square shape perfectly complements the sleek, glossy finish for that clean, polished, and oh-so-aesthetic look. Your ride's gonna be art on wheels. 🔥

| **Specification**           | **Details**        |
| **Surface Finishing Type**  | Glossy             |
| **Part Location**           | Front              |
| **Mounting Type**           | Self-adhesive      |
| **Material**                | Vinyl              |
| **Surface Recommendation**  | Metal              |
| **Reusability**             | Single Use         |
| **Pattern**                 | Geometric          |
| **Shape**                   | Square             |
| **Item ID**                 | KP29255            |

### Why Buy This?
Why should you scoop this dope sticker for your ride? Because it's not just about style — it's about making a bold statement every time you hit the road. Perfect for proud patriots and those who relish in high-key aesthetics. The Vibrant Distressed American Flag Totem Hood Sticker checks all the boxes: easy to apply, striking design, and unbeatable durability. Trust us—you'll be the envy of every car meetup and Sunday cruise. Upgrade your car game with this elite sticker and ride with pride! 🚗✨
Surface Finishing Type:Glossy
Part Location:Front
Mounting Type:Self-adhesive
Surface Recommendation:Metal
Reusability:Single Use
Item ID:KP29255
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